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326 Soda - Studio for Video Capturing

The capture studio offers users a place to capture video for online learning. Funded through MASIC, it has been used primarily for online course capture in support of MASIC and EdX initiative, as well as for holding office hours for MASIC students; other projects include capturing of homework solutions writeup and conference talk videos have also found usage in this space.


The room is equiped with a Wacom tablet, connected to either the in room PC or iMac, both are powered with i7 processors.

Camtasia software installed on the PC or the Mac is available for use in capturing. Presentation can be brought in via a USB stick to copy to the computer or put it on a share drive that is available on the network to load up on the computer.

Camera Sony NEX VG-900  
Viewing Monitor Dell monitor  
Lights 2 - Kinflo lights, 1 - LED panel  
Audio Shotgun microphone Rode NTG-3
Backdrop set Blue Lake/Nickel, Black, White, Green  
Computers PC, Mac i7
Tablet Wacom Cintiq 22HD
Speakers Desktop Speakers  
Software Microsoft Office 2013, Adobe Master Collection CS6  



To schedule the room, go on your calendar on bConnected with your Calnet ID, and add "Soda-326 Recording Studio Cap:10" to the event, find a time that it is available to make the reservation.

326 Calendar

For new users, it is recommended that you also add "EECS-ESG Audio Visual Support" to the invite, to request a representative from ESG to go through the procedure with you in using the Studio. ESG AV Support

After receiving a confirmation email, check out a key from the CS front office and start using the studio. Return key to office when done. (Back to top)

Instructions - Follow the stars

Reserved: 6 : Turn on "ON AIR" sign
  Switch is located on the wall by the light switches near entrance door, turn it on to let others know to keep from accidental walk-ins disruptions during recording
Reserved: 2 : Log visit
  1. Sign in log book found on table: date, time, user name, phone/email, platform, issues.  Emergency contact information can be found on the front cover of the log book
    1. Before starting, take notes of how things are setup, need to return to zero state before leaving
    2. Load presentation slides as needed, via USB into PC or Mac in studio, or upload to \\\mediastore
Reserved: 3 : Select from here / PC or \ MAC
  Use the CubiQ on the table between the computers to choose system to capture with, 1 = PC, 2 = Mac
Reserved: 4 : Studio Lights : ON
(Rocker switch underneath table)
House Lights : OFF
(light switch by door)
  Turn on studio lights (rocker button beneath left hand side of table where the tablet is). Make adjustment to make yourself comfortable as needed:
  1. Adjust seating, microphone, and table heights
  2. Turn on viewing monitor underneath the camera if not on already. The monitor is by default, showing the camera. See notes below to change to tablet view.
Reserved: 5 : Start Camtasia Recorder to bring up this popup menu

Be sure both camera & microphone are on (Green)
Mac:   Shift-command-2 ,  PC  :   F9 (Start) / F10 (Stop)
  To start Camtasia
  1. PC : from desktop icon
  2. Mac: from Applications folder
Reserved: 5a : Settings on drop down:

Text Box:

Camera on     
Mac:   Blackmagic HD 720p 59.94
PC:  Blackmagic WDM Capture

Microphone on
Mac: Shure Digital
PC: Microphone (8- Shure Digital)
  1. Click Record button in Camtasia to start new capture
  2. PC – F9 to start,  F10 to stop
  3. Mac – Shift-command-2 to start, Option-Command-2 to stop/pause recording
  • Verify microphone level and camera image on computer via Camtasia that microphone is set to use the external microphones “shure digital"
  • Navigate to use your favorite program such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe Photoshop to proceed.
  • Reserved: 6 : Do a 1 min. test recording to verify all is satisfied. Keep recordings to 15 min modules each.
      It is important to do a short 1 min. test recording to make sure sound level and capture are good before starting the real recording, otherwise, time will be wasted resulting in having to redo the whole session
  • Save project onto your USB stick or to share drive on mediastore with a descriptive name like “EE240-2013-01-29”, extension defaults to .camproj on PC or .cmproj on Mac
  • Keep recordings to 15 min modules each, and start a new recording for the real session
  • star7 : When finished recording, return settings to zero state, and check to collect your personal belongings before exiting. Turn off the "ON AIR" sign.


  • PowerPoint annotation will not be saved on the Mac.
  • When importing Camtasia files from Mac to PC, zip up the whole project directory after captured on the PC, and copied to the Mac and extract.
  • To change display on the viewing monitor, hold and press the buttons on top of the On/Off button until a menu displays, use the buttons to navigate:
    Select "Input Source", for Wacom, choose DVI-D1, for camera, choose HDMI.
    Dell Menu Dell_DVI Dell_HDMI (Back to top)
  • Please log and report all problems to

    Last updated: May 21, 2014

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