Priority One:

EECS105: Microelectronic Devices and Circuits

Faculty in charge: Prof. Rabaey

Enrollment/year: 280

Description: The course covers analysis of bipolar and MOS circuits, propagation delay and noise margins, dynamic logic concepts, regenerative logic circuits, and memories.

EECS143: Processing and design of Integrated Circuits

Faculty in charge: Profs. Cheung and Spanos

Enrollment/year: 80

Description: This clean room lab is very unique in the undergraduate curriculum. The students design, lay out, build and characterize simple semiconductor circuits, including a ring oscillator.

Currently, the above courses time share the use of a limited number of Hewlett Packard Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers. We have recently automated the characterization process in EECS143 to increase the efficiency of use of the SPAs, but still fall short in the larger EECS105 labs. EECS105 and EECS141 share the same lab space, and we are currently targeting the two labs for a major revision. Just a few weeks ago, we received 12 Hewlett Packard 54615B DSOs to replace the slower 100 MHz Tektronix analog scopes, and still need to replace the old Fluke DMMs, add PCs and put the new scopes on-line with the MSM/HPIB modules.

Equipment Requested:

EECS40, 40I, 41I: Introduction to Electrical Engineering (Self-Study)

Faculty in charge: Profs. Howe, White

Enrollment/year: 400/year

This lab course covers passive circuit analysis, analog and digital building blocks and systems, semiconductor devices, and simple circuits.

We currently have over 200 take-home kits for the introductory courses, due to a shortage of lab space. The kits include some basic electronic active and passive components and either a Micronta DMM or VOM. The Micronta meters are not very rugged, and have been failing at a high rate. We are requesting hand-held meters that are better suited for such a harsh environment, both physical and electronic.

Equipment Requested:

Priority Two:

EECS113: Power Electronics

Faculty in charge: Prof. Sanders

Enrollment/year: 30

This recently revised lecture lab contains experiments involving characterization and design of magnetic devices, semiconductor power devices and power control and conversion. We are requesting a rack-mount 1800-W electronic load mainframe along with two 600-W electronic loads to allow us to test our circuits under a controllable load. In the lab, we have an HP4195A, and are requesting an impedance test kit to allow us to make measurement of various components used in the lab.

Equipment Requested:

EECS120: Signals and Systems

Faculty in charge: Profs. Kahn and Fearing

Enrollment/year: 120

Description: This junior level lab has been well received in the Department. The course covers frequency response, modulation, sampling, aliasing, and PID controllers, using HPVEE. A fourth station will ease crowding and reduce the impact on our existing resources.

Equipment Requested:

EECS135: Microwave, Optics, and Plasma Laboratory

Faculty in charge: Prof. Lieberman and Dr. Tien

Enrollment/year: 24

Description: This course includes 18 separate experiments ranging from optics, plasmas, vacuum systems, and microwave design and analysis. The lab needs to be updated, and the scopes will be used to make high frequency measurements in fiber optic and MHD booster stage rocket experiments.

Equipment Requested:

Priority Three:

EECS192: Mechatronic Design Laboratory

Faculty in charge: Prof. Fearing, Dr. Flynn

Enrollment/year: 36

This senior design course focuses on application of theoretical principles in electrical engineering to control of a small-scale system, such as a mobile robot. Small teams of students design and construct a mechatronic system incorporating sensors, actuators, and intelligence.

The lab consists of 6 independent stations, and a triple supply is requested for each, to assist in the development of logic and interface circuits and high current bipolar motor drive stages.

Equipment Requested:

EECS145L: Introductory Electronic Transducer Laboratory

Faculty in charge: Dr. Derenzo

Enrollment/year: 26

This lab explores a variety of electronics transducers for force, displacement, sound, light, ionic potential, using circuits for low-level differential amplification and analog signal processing and use of microcomputers for digital sampling and display.

EECS145M: Introductory Microcomputer Interfacing Laboratory

Faculty in charge: Dr. Derenzo

Enrollment/year: 26

In this lab students construct basic interface circuits and write code for data acquisition, storage, analysis, display, and control.

EECS100: Electronic Techniques in Engineering

Faculty in charge: Dr. Wujek

Enrollment/year: 240

This overview course covers analysis of passive circuits, sinusoidal steady-state response, transient response, operational amplifiers, digital building blocks, digital systems, microprocessor control, power systems, and control.

The existing DMMs do not offer sufficient accuracy, are not identical, nor reliable.

Equipment Requested:

EECS125: Introduction to Robotics

Faculty in charge: Prof. Sastry

Enrollment/year: 42

This lab serves as an introduction to kinematics, dynamics and control of robot manipulators, robotics vision, sensing and the programming of robots. We have three robot arms in the lab, and are adding a magnetic bearing and air turbine experiments. The scopes in the lab are old Tektronix 5000 series scopes, and the mechanical switches have worn out, making measurements very unreliable.

Equipment Requested:

EECS150: Components and Design Techniques for Digital Systems

Faculty in charge: Profs. Katz and Newton

Enrollment/year: 440

This extremely popular course covers basic building blocks and design methods to construct synchronous digital systems, logic families, finite state machines, and a substantial design project. The existing Tektronix 2230 oscilloscopes are difficult to use, are wearing out, and are not longer supported by the manufacturer. The Hewlett Packard 1651A logic analyzers that would be displaced would be welcomed by the EECS105 and EECS141 shared laboratory.

Equipment Requested:


For various student projects, Instruction needs a fast logic analyzer with a pattern generator. This piece of equipment would float from lab to lab, as needed.

Equipment Requested:


(please see Priority One)

The lab characterizes various passive and magnetic components used in switching power circuits and a good impedance meter is requested.

Equipment Requested:

EECS117: Electromagnetic Fields and Waves

Faculty in charge: Profs. Lieberman and Neureuther

Enrollment/year: 130

The lab has 6 fixed experiments on statics, transmission lines, and waves. The addition of the requested equipment would allow for accurate measurement of transmission line experiments.

Equipment Requested: