23 September 1998
File No. 98-290

Dean Paul R. Gray
Engineering Dean's Office
320 McLaughlin Hall

Re: 1998-99 IERF Request

Attached is our IERF proposal for 1997-98. As you have requested in your August call for submission, we have limited our high priority needs to $130,000. However, as you can see, we have ranked and included a somewhat lower priority list, totaling an additional $562,106.

The priorities this year are to address needs associated with our most major curriculum change in 20 years. All CS and EE students totaling well in excess of 400 students a year, will now take both a 'hands-on' laboratory on electronics (EECS 40) and a new signals/systems class (EECS 20) where much of the class work is done on configured computer systems. We are also trying a new 'holistic course center' approach in these undergraduate classes where the laboratory facility is used as well for discussion, office-hours, and is open by card key access 24 hours a day. These as well as other laboratories will need to be expanded to accommodate the additional 175 students expected in EECS.

We have made a major effort and been very fortunate in outfitting these new course centers with 20 computers each in grants from Intel and Hewlett Packard. Our remaining top priorities and high risk funding needs are 1) to purchase 135 lab kits with embedded controllers to replace analog robots used previously, 2) to establish electronic projection of computer screens for lectures and demonstrations, and 3) to address, to the fullest extent possible, the replacement of failing older equipment in EECS 40.

The second priority list, unfortunately, postpones both a number initiatives in new technology concepts and modernization of equipment. Notable items are equipment for 1) a computer interfaced scope to allow an instructor to display and explain waveforms, 2) LCD projectors for additional labs and seminar rooms, 3) creating high-speed real-time control laboratories, 4) expanding from 20 to 31 computer systems in EECS 20 to accommodate anticipated crowding, 5) completing the upgrade of EECS 40 bench electronics so all students have a fair experience using the same equipment, and 6) addressing bottlenecks in device characterization equipment used by both circuits and fabrication classes.

Andrew R. Neureuther
Associate Chairman

Requestor        Laboratory     Qty. Equipment Estimated Cost Purpose
Howe EECS40 10 Scope/Analyzer $47,460.00 Old scopes are wearing out
    10 Power Supply 9,450.00 Old power supplies have insufficient current capacity
    10 15MHz ARB Generator 17,050.00 Replacement parts no longer available for existing units
    135 Lab Kits 27,000.00 New embedded controllers to replace current analog robots
Lee/Howe EECS20, 40 2 LCD Projector 21,180.00 Modern tools for in-labs and lectures and demos
    2 Document Camera 6,400.00  
    2 VCR 1,460.00  
        $130,000.00 First priority total


Howe EECS40 1 Infinium Scope $18,995.00 Allow instructor to display and explain waveforms
  EECS40 10 Scope/Analyzer 47,460.00 Drop in lab stations for new EECS40
    10 Power Supply 9,450.00  
    20 Digital Multimeter 18,900.00  
    10 15MHz ARB Generator 17,050.00  
Walrand/Rowe Various 4 LCD Projector 50,000.00 Replacement/upgrade to 405 Soda, 143 Cory, and loaners
Lee EECS20 6 Kayak PC systems 55,180.00 Run simulations
Fearing EECS150   Probes/Cables 2,000.00 Replace worn and unreliable scope and analyzer probes
Fearing/Wujek EECS150/x99 10 Scope/Analyzer 47,460.00 Equipment for 123 Cory and x99 UCSEE lab
    10 Power Supply 9,450.00  
    10 Digital Multimeter 9,450.00  
    10 15MHz ARB Generator 17,050.00  
Sastry/Sanders EECS128 3 Algorighmic Controller 19,890.00 Upgrade PID controller experiments
    3 6-slot VXI Mainframe 10,185.00  
    3 8-channel input SCP 636.00  
    3 8-channel output SCP 3,000.00  
    3 PCI HP-IB Card 1,485.00  
    3 IEEE-1394 PC VXI Link 3,585.00  
    3 Power Supply 2,835.00  
    3 ScopeView Software 2,340.00  
Howe/Spanos EECS143, 105 5 Semiconductor Analyzer  184,250.00 Replace curve tracers, add one more station to EECS143
    4 Test Fixture 22,400.00  
    4 Socket Module 640.00  
    17 PCI HP-IB Card 8,415.00 Automate measurements
        $562,106.00 Second priority total

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