15 October 1999

Dean William C. Webster
Engineering Dean's Office
320 McLaughlin Hall

via A. Richard Newton, EECS Chair

Re: 1999-2000 IER Request

Attached is our IERF proposal for 1999-2000. As you have requested in your call for submission, we have limited our high priority needs to $65,000. However, as you can see, we have ranked and included a somewhat lower priority list, totaling an additional $630,555.  We are continuing with our major efforts to seek donations of badly needed equipment for our instructional labs, and have been fortunate in a number of instances, but continue to have unmet instructional lab needs. 

This year’s task of prioritizing our needs was exceptionally difficult due to the drastic reduction in IER fund allocation. Our top priorities this year include replacement CRT monitors for the EECS100/145 (and MSME238) labs in 143 Cory and the EECS105/141 labs in 353 Cory, DSP embedded controllers for EECS145, modification of the new EECS43 Infineon embedded controllers, and a small amount of funds for an optical communication kit for a new lab under development.

The second priority list, unfortunately, postpones both a number initiatives in new technology concepts and modernization of equipment. Notable items are equipment for 1) new Digital Systems Design student project boards, 2) replacement monitors for CAD work, 3) additional semiconductor probe station with MEMS capabilities (benefiting both EECS and ME students), 4) semiconductor parameter analyzers to reduce the impact on curriculum given the existing shortage of units, and 5) presentation equipment for laboratories and classrooms.

We appreciate the efforts of the College in helping us modernize and develop our instructional facilities.




David E. Culler
EECS CN&R Co-Chair

Requestor Laboratory Qty. Equipment  Estimted Cost Purpose
Derenzo/Poola EECS100/145 13 CRT Monitor  $        9,100.00 Old monitors are wearing out
Derenzo   13 DSP Embedded Controllers  $      13,000.00 Planned EECS145 curriculum upgrade
Wawrzynek/Fearing EECS150   Prpobes/Cables  $        2,000.00 Replace worn and unreliable scope and analyzer probes
Rabaey/Nikolic EECS105/141 18 CRT Monitor  $      19,800.00 To use with newly donated computers
Howe EECS43 200 Lab Kit upgrades  $      10,000.00 Modify/upgrade donated Infineon controllers
  Various 1 Mathworks license  $        3,200.00 Annual renewal
    1 HSPICE license  $        2,000.00 Annual renewal
Gustafson/Smith EECS118 1 Optical Communication Kit  $        5,900.00 New lab under development
         $      65,000.00 First priority total
Wawrzynek/Fearing EECS150 150 FPGA Student Boards  $     134,250.00 New student lab kits using Xilinx Virtex boards
    50 Cameras  $        5,000.00 Additional cameras for student projects
    32 CRT Monitors  $      35,200.00 Existing monitors are over 5 years old and are wearing out
Spanos/Pister EECS143 1 Semiconductor Analyzer  $      46,000.00 Additional station to accommodate increased enrollment
    1 Probe station  $      45,000.00  
    1 Signal Source  $        5,000.00 Test equipment for MEMS
    1 Signal Analyzer  $      32,000.00  
    1 High Voltage Supply  $        4,200.00  
    1 Microscope  $      14,000.00  
    6 LCD Monitors  $        6,000.00 Replace used CRTs with 15" LCD panels
Howe/Spanos EECS105 4 Semiconductor Analyzer  $     184,250.00 Replace curve tracers, reduce impact on EECS143
    4 Test Fixture  $      22,400.00  
    4 Socket Module  $           640.00  
  EECS143, 105 17 PCI HP-IB Card  $        8,415.00 Automate measurements
Smith EECS131 1 Haynes-Shockley Exp.  $        2,000.00 Need to outsource fabrication of materials for experiment
Various Various 6 LCD Projectors  $      69,000.00 Replace/install in 306 Soda, 123, 143, 204b, 218 Cory, and loaner unit
    3 Document Camera  $      10,800.00 For use in 123, 143, 204b Cory
    5 VCR  $        2,400.00 For use in 123, 143, 204b, 218, 258 Cory
White EECS1 1 G3 or G4 Mac $4,000 Upgrade older Mac in lab
         $     630,555.00 Second priority total