23 October 2001

 To:                   A. Richard Newton


 From:               Robert Wilensky

                        Professor and Vice Chair Computing/Networks

 Subject:            2001-2 IERF Proposal for EECS

Attached is our IERF proposal for 2001-2.  As you have requested in your Oct. 1 call for submission, we have limited our higher priority needs to $90,000.  However, as you can see, we have ranked and included a somewhat lower priority list, totaling over $1.3M.  Our programs are in constant need of upgrading in order to expose our students to rapidly changing technology, and must provide them with the tools and skills that will enable them to succeed and to further advance upon graduation.  We hope that IER funds can be found beyond the $90,000 limit.  

Even the second priority list postpones both a number initiatives in new technology concepts and modernization of labs and equipment.  We have relied on our friends in industry to advance our instructional programs, but the current economic downturn has forced many of them to curtail their contribution.  We are extremely grateful for the rare and very much needed infrastructure grant from NSC, and were also fortunate in receiving PCs from Intel, software from Microsoft, and chips from NSC, Xilinx, Motorola, and Analog Devices.  However, Agilent has put on hold University Relations equipment grants, and the new Mixed Signal Systems Lab will not have a full set of equipment when it opens in Spring 2002.  We will also likely curtail our plans to provide an interactive learning lab environment in the lab, due to limited resources.

We appreciate your support in helping us modernize and develop our instructional facilities.




First Priority

Requestor Laboratory Qty. Equipment  Estimated Cost Purpose
Cheung EECS143 1 Used Mask Aligner $43,500 Replace unreliable Kasper/Quintel
Tendick EECS125 1 Robotic Arm $10,000 Kinematics and path planning experiments
Various Various 8 Printers $32,000 Replace worn out printers in I/ESG labs
    1 Mathworks license $2,500 Annual renewal
    1 HSPICE license $2,000 Annual renewal
        $90,000 First priority total

Second Priority

Requestor Laboratory Qty. Equipment  Estimated Cost Purpose
Wawrzynek/Fearing EECS150 150 FPGA Student Boards $134,250 New student lab kits using donated Xilinx Virtex FPGAs
    39 18 Channel MSO $175,305 NSC MSSL remodel/expansion
      GPIB Interface module $11,505  
    39 DC power supply $42,705  
    39 15MHz ARB Generator $102,315  
    39 Digital Multimeter $56,715  
    70 Cameras $7,000  
    70 LCD Panels $35,000  
    1 AV equipment $20,000 Microphones, preamps, drivers for interactive environment
Cheung EECS143 1 Measurement software $5,000 Allow for wafer measurements
    1 Used Spin Dryer $10,500 Need improved results over current hand drying of wafers at acid sink
    1 Evaporator upgrade $6,300 Increase throughput and eliminate need for liquid Nitrogen
    1 Film Thickness Monitor $10,500 Replace worn out and unreliable unit with a factory rebuilt one
    1 Signal Source $5,000 Test equipment for MEMS
    1 Signal Analyzer $32,000  
    1 High Voltage Supply $4,200  
    1 Four-point Probe $7,500 Replace patched together antique home built unit
Hsu EECS128 1 Robotic Arm $2,000 Dynamic and control experiments
Lee EECS20 32 Replacement PCs $112,000 PCs wearing out, too slow, problems with network/SCSI controller
    2 Hardware Hands-on Demos $10,000  
Howe/Spanos EECS105 18 Probes/Cables $2,250 Replace worn and unreliable probes
    13 ARB Waveform Generator $55,250 Allow for new experiments (shift existing units needed in other labs)
    4 Semiconductor Analyzer $184,250 Replace curve tracers, reduce impact on EECS143
    4 Test Fixture $22,400  
    4 Socket Module $640  
    2 300MHz Analyzer $53,600  
      S-Parameter Test Sets $10,340  
  EECS143, 105 17 PCI HP-IB Card $8,415 Automate lab and allow for Gain-Phase meter measurements
Smith EECS131 1 Haynes-Shockley Exp. $2,000 Need to outsource fabrication of materials for experiment
Sanders EECS113 2 ARB/Function Generator $3,390 Ongoing rework of Power Electronics Lab
    1 120V/8A Lab Power Supply $4,325  
    1 60V/35A Lab Power Supply $4,325  
    2 6V/2.5A, +/-20V/0.5A Lab Power Supply $525  
    1 Inifinium Scope, 4channel $18,995  
      Runt triggering $200  
      Voice control $495  
Various Various 5 LCD Projectors $50,000 Replace/install in 273 Soda, 123 Cory, 310 Davis
    25 PCs $100,000 Replace old PCs in 111/117/199 Cory
    5 PCs $40,000 Replace DEC Alphas in 199 Cory
    3 Document Camera $7,200 For use in 123, 143, 204b Cory
    3 VCR $1,800 For use in 123, 145, 204b Cory
        $1,360,195 Second priority total