The majority of the material and equipment budget for the project comes from the SMART Project, with staff labor from EECS, the Microlab, and the Machine Shop.


Labor:  ESG Job #1937


Item Description Cost Due Date Status
1 Wrighline Lab Furniture 16k 28DEC1999 completed
2 Hermann Miller Lab Furniture 2k   in Campus purchasing
3 20 lab stools 2k   Ferenc
4 MEMS Probe Station 25k 24JAN2000 purchased
5* White board 0.3k   completed
6* LCD Projector and screen 7.5k 10JAN2000 completed
7* SVHS VCR 0.5k 03JAN2000 completed
8 Electrical supplies 2k   completed
9 Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer 20k   being tested by ESG
10 Paint 0.1k 28DEC1999 completed
 10 PSimplex Strip Door to Service Chase  0.2k  12Jan2000  in Cory Machine Shop

* indicates items purchased on Departmental Funds




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