The objective is to functionally complete the project between the Fall 1999 and the Spring 2000 Semester.

Item Staff Start Date End Date Status
Disconnect and relocate Electrical Panel Dave, Phil, Khossrov Dec. 10 Dec 20 completed
Remove gowning area wall Jim, Ming Dec. 10 Dec 14 completed
Move out benches and equipment Jim, Ming, Khossrov Dec. 13 Dec 14 completed
Patch walls Xavier -> uLab Dec. 15 Dec. 17 completed
Clean up; prep for paint Dave, Cadorin Dec. 21 Dec. 22 completed
Thorough floor cleaning Custodians Dec. 21, 3PM Dec. 22 completed
Move Kasper and Microscope Phil, Cadorin Dec. 20 Dec. 23 completed
Open up service chase Phil, Machine Shop Dec. 20 Jan. 11 completed
Paint lower part of room Jozel, Cadorin Dec. 28 Dec. 29 completed
Install new furniture ESG, Wrightline Jan. 4 Jan. 12 completed
Clean room re-work, including oven TCA table Machine Shop Jan. 3 Jan. 11 in progress
Move back and set up equipment Khossrov, Ming Jan. 13 Jan. 14 completed
Install AV equipment and whiteboards ESG, Xavier Jan. 13 Jan 14 completed
Install Hermann Miller furniture Machine Shop TBA parts on order


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