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Lab Policies


Our goal is to provide a safe and reliable environment contributing to your success in the course, and the following rules apply to the use of this lab. Your instructors may have additional rules, and any violations will severely jeopardize your standing in the class or the University.  Be forewarned: students have received an F grade for the course and some have been expelled from the University for not following lab policies.

Food and drink is not allowed in the the lab except at the round tables in the common lab area.   Lab must be left clean and orderly after each session. E-waste must be properly disposed of.

Be respectful of others and make proper use of the lab and the equipment.  Report any equipment problems to your GSI, who will make a detailed log entry in the posted lab logbook, as needed.  Do not modify any hardware or software.  Any alterations (equipment/software) in the lab will be treated as vandalism or as cheating.  Please do not share your account with anyone, and remember to logoff from the PCs after each session.  Unattended logins may result in a disabled account. 

Lab resources are to be used for course-related purposes, although modest usage for email and web browsing is permitted outside of scheduled lab sessions - just be considerate.  Only students enrolled in this lab are authorized to use the lab, so you have the right to evict those not enrolled.

The lab has posted hours during which priority and full control belong to the instructor of a scheduled lab session.  For safety and logistics reasons, do not leave lab entrances propped open.

Be aware of your environment, and take responsibility for your safety, especially when working alone or during the night.  Consider a buddy system, or make arrangements with the Campus Night Escort services:  Bearwalk, or by calling 2-9255 using a Campus phone.

If you see a safety problem, and cannot yourself safely rectify it please notify the lab GSI, lab staff, or emergency personnel.  In case of an emergency, call 2-3333 using any Campus Phone, and pull the fire alarm, if so warranted, and take appropriate action.  Note: cell phone coverage is poor on most part of the first floor at Cory Hall.

If you hear an alarm in the building, pickup your valuables, close the door behind you, and evacuate the building.  If someone is unwilling or unable to evacuate, inform them you will notify authorities who will follow up.  Once you're safely outside, notify authorities (safety officers, police, fire) of the situation in the lab.

Thank you.

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