105 Cory Hall

The ceiling-mounted projector is best controlled with its remote.  Point the remote to the front of the projector, and press the red "Power" button. The projector takes about ten seconds or so to warm up.

By pressing 'Source' You may select either the video inputs from the VCR/Document Camera, the VGA 'TA' PC, or your laptop.

Please note that the Document camera s-video output passes throught the VCR input A1.  Thus, in order to display the Document camera on the projector, the VCR needs to be on and "S-Video" selected.  The Document camera has no impact on playing an (S)VHS tape using the VCR.

When you are finished, aim the remote at the projector and press the red "Power" button to turn off the projector.

The room also has a campus-only emergency phone x2.7072.


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