299 Cory


This is a sketch of what we propose to do:


Key to Room Features

1. Lutron Lighting Controls

2. Retractable tensionized projection screen

3. LiveBoard

4. Additional A/V controls

5. Doors to A/V closet (front of doors are surfaced with writeable chalkboard material)

6. Moveable Lectern

7. MechoShades

8. 35mm Slide Projector

9. Three-gun CRT video projector (suspended from ceiling)

10. Moveable table

 Notes on Design:

The programmer controls, located on the movable lectern, will control the MechoShades, the lights, and the A/V routing in the room.

The ceiling will be lowered to 11', and Lutron-contolled lights will be installed, to enable spot lights on the speaker, while keeping the display screen dark.

It was suggested to install audio in the room, for broadcast purposes.