353 Cory - Conexant System Laboratory
Audio/Visual Equipment and Instructions


1. Sanyo PLC-XU48 LCD Projector
2. JVC Visual Presenter

Other Available Equipment.

Ceiling mounted LCD Projector:

Press the "POWER" button on the projector controller mounted on the wall next to the TA computer to turn on the projector.  Wait a few seconds, a blue screen will appear.  Next, press the "COMP" button to select source. Toggling the "COMP" button switches between laptops.

Computer 1           PC

Computer 2           Laptop 

Video                      JVC Visual Presenter                     

            To turn the projector off, press the "POWER" button twice.  

            Please turn the projector off before leaving.  Thank you.

JVC Visual Presenter:

The document camera is on "VIDEO". The power switch is at the back of the machine. The on/off switch for the lamp is on the front panel, on the left. Turn on both the power switch and the lamp switch. Wait a few seconds for the camera to warm up.


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