400 Cory Hall (Hughes Room) - Equipment and Instructions


1. Ceiling mounted Panasonic PT-EW640 LCD projector (max resolution is 1280 x 800)

2. Laptop A/V Connections

Other Available Equipment

AirBears authenticated (hardwired - blue cable)
EECS (hardwired - yellow cable) port for EECS registered machines

It is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the room equipment and controls before your presentation. If you need assistance, please contact eeav(at)eecs.berkeley.edu.

Ceiling mounted DLP Projector:

Press the "ON" button on the AV controller to turn on the projector. Wait a few seconds, a blue screen will appear. Next, press the "SOURCE" button to toggle through your desired source.  

Please turn the projector off before leaving.  Thank you.

Laptop connections: