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521 Cory Hall - Hogan Room

The Hogan Room is a conference/seminar/classroom capable of seating 30-55 people depending on how the chairs are arranged.


1. Ceiling mounted Panasonic PT-FZ570 WUXGA Projector (native resolution is 1920 x 1200)

2. Laptop A/V Connections

Other Available Equipment

Room phone number:

(510) 664-4496 (floor box)

(toll calls require Campus access code from IST Communication & Network Services)

Network information:

Network Port Assigned to
561-531-004 Hardwired EECS network port for EECS registered machines
561-531-003 Hardwired EECS network port for EECS registered machines

For laptop port configuration information please contact eeav(at)eecs.berkeley.edu.


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