Dedicated to the memory of Professor Emeritus Shyh Wang


The Shyh Wang Room was constructed in the summer of 1992 in honor of Professor Emeritus Shyh Wang. Born in Wuhsi, Kiansu Province, China in 1925, Shyh Wang came to the United States in 1947, earning his Master's and Doctoral degrees in applied physics at Harvard University. He joined the faculty in the EECS Department at Berkeley in 1958 and taught here for 33 years. During that time he was a guide and inspiration to generations of undergraduates and graduate students, many of whom became prominent in their own right. His contributions to teaching also include two definitive graduate level texts on solid-state electronics.

Throughout his distinguished career, Professor Wang injected new ideas into many aspects of solid-state electronics and especially the semiconductor laser field. He was one of the first to work on distributed feedback lasers, and he helped develop surface-emitting and interference lasers. The author of more than 240 technical articles and holder of seven patents, Professor Wang was honored with many awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship, an honorary professorship at Jilin University and a distinguished alumnus award fromJiao Tong University; he was elected a Fellow of both the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and the Optical Society of America.

The faculty, staff and students in EECS, former students, and colleagues from many institutions dedicate this room to the memory of Professor Shyh Wang. He is sorely missed.


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