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Policies and Guidelines for the Audio/Visual Rooms

EECS A/V Room Policies and Guidelines


1.    This room is not a general assignment classroom.  If your event will be in the evening or over a weekend, please check out any necessary keys from the front desk at 387 Soda before 4pm the weekday of or before the event. In any event, please return furniture to its original layout and, as much as possible, leave the room the way you found it (i.e., wipe down tables, throw away trash, etc.).

Also, please note that while AV equipment is regularly checked and maintained by EECS staff, the actual running of the event is the user's responsibility.  The only exception is an EECS sanctioned event, with prior Departmental approval and agreement.  In either case, to minimize problems, and prior to your event, please familiarize yourself with the operation of AV equipment you plan to use.

2.    Dry runs are encouraged to avoid last minute problems. For emergency assistance, or to report AV equipment problems, please contact eeav(at)eecs.berkeley.edu for Cory rooms and csav(at)eecs.berkeley.edu for Soda rooms.  AV staff will make an effort to perform emergency repairs, but trust that with regular maintenance and user familiarity, such will not be needed.

3.     Please do not modify existing setup (software, hardware, interconnects).

4.     Please follow posted instructions on use of equipment. If instructions are missing or are unclear, please contact csav(at)eecs.berkeley.edu.

5.     Please turn off projector, log-out of room computers (if any), clean up, and lock up when done.

6.     Please return keys promptly.


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